15 Feb Users. Content. Context – User Centred Design Tips from Information Architecture 4th Edition

“Your information architecture provides perhaps the most tangible snapshot of your organization’s mission, vision, values, strategy and culture.”


“If your service will be used via more than one channel, you need to consider how these channels will overlap and interact with one another.”


“The vocabulary and structure of your websites and your apps is a major component of the evolving conversation between your business and your customers and employees.”


“Do you know who’s using your system? Do you know how they’re using it? And perhaps most importantly, do you know what information they want from your systems?”

“Your goal is to do your best to learn about your users’ major information needs and likely information-seeking behaviours.”


“Searching, browsing, and asking are all methods of finding, and these are the basic building blocks of information-seeking behaviour.”


“Search analytics provide a sense of what users commonly seek, and can help inform your understanding of their information needs and seeking behaviours.”


All quotes are from chapters 2 and 3 of Information Architecture 4th Edition 2015 by L. Rosenfeld, P. Morville and J. Arango.

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